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13 NFT video games to keep an eye out for in 2022



13 NFT video games to keep an eye out for in 2022

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In the wake of the substantial success of the NFT video game Axie Infinity, numerous interesting NFT video games are emerging. Here are 13 NFT video games to watch out for in 2022.

Laszlo Dobos · January 4, 2022 at 8: 00 pm UTC · 6 minutes read

Call it GameFi, Play-to-Earn or NFT video gaming, a brand-new type of video games are coming, riding the tidal bore developed by the success of leader video games like Axie Infinity. In 2021, Axie went from generally no to 2.3 million everyday active gamers at the end of the year. Throughout the very same 1 year duration, the Axie Infinity’s AXS token saw a boost in market price blowing up from $0.57 per token a year earlier, to $97 at the time of composing a year later on– that’s a 170 x gratitude in one year.


However Axie being the apparent poster kid of the emerging NFT video gaming market, there are a variety of video games that video gaming lovers and financiers alike need to watch on. According to Swedish YouTuber and NFT video gaming specialist Anders Björk, these are 13 NFT video gaming jobs, on numerous platforms like Ethereum and WAX, worth following and naturally to play in the coming year.

” I have this vision of totally working video game economies where individuals make a living just by playing these video games, having a good time, and living in this virtual world. I believe we are getting closer to a truth where regular individuals can play video games for a living. This will alter the world, in methods nobody can picture,” Anders Björk states.

According to Björk, all video games in the list listed below are established by groups with a strong performance history and/or great deals of experience in the video gaming market. The list is divided into 3 classifications of video games: totally playable video games, alpha- and beta releases, and upcoming video games.

Fully playable video games

Blankos Block Party–

Blockchain: Native Mythical, bridge to Ethereum in Q1 2022

” Blankos is among the very best constructed NFT video games, if not the finest NFT based video game readily available. It’s smooth, enjoyable and amazing to play, specifically if you pack up some buddies over discord and play together. You will discover hours and hours of enjoyable video game designs to play, in addition to a completely fletched map contractor. There are 3 primary video game designs: PVP shooter, speed race and gather video game mode.”


Splinterlands– card video game–

Blockchain: Hive WAX

” Splinterlands is among the very first effective NFT video games that started as steem beasts. This video game has actually been around for many years, and with their launch of Lands and the splinterlands token, the video game removed to brand-new levels over the last couple of months. It’s complimentary to play, so you can check it out and see what you believe prior to you purchase any cool cards or packs.”


Blockchain: Native


” Mir4 is a totally playable cross-platform MMORPG, where NFT-based characters are a truth. The video game looks fresh and amazing, it appears enjoyable to dip into initially, however then you check out evaluations and listen to individuals playing it. There appears to be primarily bots playing the video game, and at the existing phase, the tokenomics are out of balance and pay-to-win. I include it to the list primarily since it is among the most graphically amazing looking video games out there. Mir4 is complimentary to use steam, so it’s simple to attempt it out and comprise your own mind.”

The Uplift World– Minecraft mod–

Blockchain: WAX

” The Uplift World took a genius path when it entered NFT video gaming. They took an interesting video game platform and developed NFT availability on top of it. Why create the wheel once again? Minecraft is a super-successful video game that has actually stood up to the test of time.”

” For The Uplift World, you can own NFT Land Keys which offer you complete right to a piece of land inside their Minecraft servers. They got a couple of various servers with various guidelines and settings to please all kinds of gamers. By owning a Land Key NFT you and those that you whitelist are the only gamers able to develop and dig on your piece of land. This allows you to construct out your Minecraft dream inside a huge universe with numerous other gamers.”


Alpha & Beta Releases

The Sandbox– Metaverse–

Blockchain: Ethereum

” The Sandbox is most likely among the most significant, if not the greatest and most popular metaverse in the cryptosphere. Landowners in the Sandbox can develop out their own video game and enable other gamers to come, engage and use it. There are lots of tasks that purchase land in The Sandbox that we still have no idea what they will utilize it for.”

” Surely there’s an interesting future for Sandbox with as numerous stakeholders as there presently are. Huge business, tasks and stars such as Binance, Atari, Animoca, Snoop Dog, Deadmau5, Flow, Opensea, WAX, Opera, Dappradar and much more, develop on Sandbox.”

Phantom Galaxies– open world shooter–


Blockchain: Multi-chain/Polygon

” I have actually not yet played this video game myself, however it does look really appealing. The score is entirely based on my research study of the video game.”

” Phantom Galaxies is an open world shooter, based in an area environment, where you manage your mech character in a 3rd party view playstyle. Personally, I am not a huge fan of arial shooter video games, however this does look amazing and I will definitely check it out as quickly as it goes live. Take a look at the trailer and try to find yourself.”

22 Racing Series– racing video game– https://www.22

Blockchain: Phantasma


” The 22 Racing Series advise me a great deal of the sensation of TrackMania country. The speed and control is actually sweet, however the map design of 22 Racing Series is something totally brand-new and remarkable. They construct on the Phantasma blockchain which allows them to do some actually cool things with their NFTs.”

” Each vehicle in the 22 Racing Series video game is a special NFT. Each part of the vehicle is likewise an NFT, and you can take apart and personalize your own automobile, and maybe offer that specific construct to a brand-new gamer.”

Metropolis Origins– card video game–

Blockchain: WAX

” Metropolis Origins is developed by a gifted and skilled group of video game designers. It simply released and currently has a playable alpha variation of their video game readily available on their site. All the cards are NFTs on the WAX Blockchain. Completely worth checking it out!”


Million on Mars: Land Rush– Mars virtual world–

Blockchain: WAX

” The Million on Mars group is comprised of lots of experience in the video gaming market and will likely construct and provide among the much better casual video games using NFTs. The ranking today is based upon their restricted alpha release; there are some functions required, such as including several NFTs at the exact same time to the world. Presently, you can obtain some NFT land, select an area on Mars, and develop out your base. You can go and check out the world, brew your coffee, and collect video game resources.”

Clashdome Citizens–

Blockchain: WAX


” Built by a little video game studio in Barcelona, Clashdome Citizens is a video game platform with casual web-based video games. Over the in 2015, the group has actually included numerous casual Play-to-Earn video games for anybody to play. Now they have actually simply released the alpha variation of Clashdome Citizens, which is a Play-to-Earn video game that loops whatever on their platform. You will have the ability to reproduce your NFT people, producing a method to make more of their in-game tokens, battle other players and far more.”

Alien Worlds– metaverse–

Blockchain: WAX

” Alien Worlds is among the greatest Play-to-Earn video games presently around. With lots of numerous countless accounts so far. What a lot of individuals do not understand yet, is that the existing state of the video game, the mining element, is simply the very first action in Alien Worlds’ roadmap. It’s a financial layer to disperse the TLM token and get individuals into the metaverse. Quickly the Alien World council will release, which is one DAO per world in the video game, that will have a big capability to affect the Alien World metaverse.”

Upcoming video games

The Forge Arena–


Blockchain: WAX

” The Forge Arena is the most amazing looking NFT video game I’ve seen on the horizon. I’m an individual that has actually played lots of video games my whole life, and this video game has a great sensation like a match made in paradise in between counter strike and Quake. The designers state they were motivated by CSGO and Halo.”

Warsaken– card video game–

Blockchain: WAX

” Warsaken is a brand-new design card video game that is intended to be launched both as a digital and physical video game. The NFT art is high quality and the group appear enthusiastic about their task. On their Youtube you can see a gameplay video in between among the staff member and his child. Presently, they have a sale of their NFTs for the video game, so you can get enough to present a deck when their digital variation of the video game launches.”


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