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Blockchain Backed Webtoon Platform TooNFT Launches On Toomics Ecosystem



Blockchain Backed Webtoon Platform TooNFT Launches On Toomics Ecosystem

TooNFT prepares to establish a decentralized webtoon platform. The task has actually raised an incredible $1.75 million in a personal round monitored by HG Ventures.

The TooNFT job is successful in bring in institutional financiers such as Mindfulness Capital, Adaptive Labs, Prestige Fund, Alphabet, and GBIC. With the support of such financiers, TooNFT is set to end up being an amazing item. According to journalism release, TooNFT will take advantage of the community of a tremendous profit-generating organization design of Toomics, a South Korean Webtoon company.

The affiliate of the TooNFT, Toomics has actually ended up being South Korea’s leading membership platform with 50 million active users and 10 million app downloads. TooNFT accommodates an extraordinary NFT environment and worths bringing disturbance that separates it from other webtoon provider.

What is Toomics?

With 10 million app downloads and 50 million active users, Toomics has actually ended up being the leading webtoon comics company in South Korea. Toomics was established back in 2015 building up $15 million from institutional financiers to develop the leading webtoon comics business in South Korea.


Over the previous couple of years, Toomics has actually partnered with Tencent, KEB Hana Bank, GMarket, and AfreecaTV. It has actually likewise gotten numerous awards from credible organizations. Toomics creates around $60 million annual through its membership service.

TooNFT Introduces NFT Concept in Comics and Webtoon Industry

TooNFT has actually been introduced on Toomics to accept the outlook of a decentralised future. TooNFT aims to minimize the imaginative environment and establish a monetary structure where authors can bring in financial investment without including any intermediaries.

As formerly specified, TooNFT has actually collected $1.75 in personal and seed rounds from institutional financiers. The job will establish a sustainable innovation that will complete the requirement for a perfect task in the webtoon market.

The blockchain-fueled platform TooNFT will offer its users with protected, dependable, and simple access to buy the job along with staking chances and transparent information. TooNFT is set to end up being the very first decentralized webtoon platform that runs on the blockchain.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Toomics is currently a considerable brand name in the webtoon market with 50 million users and 2.6 billion page views through its subsidiaries on the planet consisting of North America, Singapore, and Taiwan. The phase is all set for TooNFT to dominate and end up being the leading blockchain-powered webtoon service.


Another element that may attract the neighborhood is that TooNFT will begin its journey with 11 languages such as English, Korean, French, Spanish, and others.

In 2023, TooNFT plans to facilitate its users with P2P trading and financial investment chances after releasing the next-gen NFT market. It likewise prepares to permit users to trade NFTized material, financial investment chances, and fundraising without the disturbance of any 3rd party. Probably TooNFT will host content manufacturers and many webtoon podiums in the future.

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