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Ethereum Layer 2 NFT Marketplaces Aiming to Reduce Gas Fees



Ethereum Layer 2 NFT Marketplaces Aiming to Reduce Gas Fees

With non-fungible tokens (NFTs) still progressively growing, gas rates and network blockage have actually continued to be a problem, pressing designers to develop on Layer 2 options.

The Problem with Layer 1 Solutions

One of the typical issues with NFT markets developed on Layer 1 (L1) services is that they have high gas costs and throughout durations of high blockage, deals can likewise take longer to process. When more complicated deals are processed from DeFi, NFT markets, and other applications, TPS (deals per second) rates decrease quickly and as an outcome gas expenses increase.

Because of these obstacles, Layer 2 (L2) services, or ‘side-chains’, end up being a possible response to the issue.

The Argent Layer 2 Solution

Argent X is an L2 constructed on StarkNet which intends to decrease gas costs by utilizing zk-rollup (zero-knowledge-rollup) innovation. This system brings gas charges to the minimum due to the fact that it batches deals, which are then validated off-chain utilizing an on-chain verifier. This ease implies a batch can be sent out to Layer 1 and validated in a clever agreement for smooth transfers in between L1 and L2.


Since its creation, StarkNet has actually settled over 50 million deals and US$250 billion given that the summertime of2020 By permitting designers to develop on their platform they might conserve prospective clients a quite cent in gas charges.

Argent is crypto’s iPhone minute– extremely safe with a user experience that measures up to the very best standard financing apps.

Wouter Kampmann, head of engineering, MakerDAO

According to StarkNet’s main blog site, “StarkNet enables any dApp to attain endless scale for its calculation, without jeopardizing Ethereum’s composability and security, thanks to its dependence on the best and most scalable cryptographic evidence system– ZK-STARK.”

After its Alpha launch on December 29, StarkNet has actually motivated designers to begin structure, though likewise mentioning that it has yet to be investigated which users need to know it remains in the Alpha phase.

Buy Crypto on Layer 2 for Only a $1 Fee

The Argent platform that utilizes StarkNet can provide users “as much as 100 X more affordable charges than Ethereum thanks to zkSync’s [a rollup technology] Layer 2 network. With near-instant speed.”


The platform can likewise utilize a card, bank transfer or Apple Pay, with extremely low costs.

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