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LOCGame: Why The $LOCG Token Could Be Promising



LOCGame: Why The $LOCG Token Could Be Promising

LegendsOfCrypto (typically referred to as LOCGame) is the very first play-to-earn GameFi job of Rbl Labs, a business based in Amsterdam– it concentrates on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and bringing their usage case to the blockchain video gaming area. LOCGame is a pay-for-play and technique card video game that includes numerous metaverse and play-to-earn functions on a 3 × 3 fight grid.

The video game’s metaverse is a recommendation of the history of the crypto area and the popular culture related to them. It likewise includes lots of quickly identifiable playable characters in the type of popular influencers and celebs in the crypto area. Rbl Labs, the business behind the video game, has actually mentioned that future metaverses will be concerning the platform and will be revealed in 2022.

At the heart of this environment is the $LOCG token. Let’s comprehend a bit more about the job, the token itself, and why this possession has remarkable upside possible.

LOCGame: Creating A Buzz In The Crypto Space

The first-ever blockchain video game to include NFTs was CryptoKitties. A number of other video games likewise make use of NFTs, with another popular example being Ethermon, which attempted to develop on this idea. LOCGame leverages the exact same principle, permitting people to purchase NFTs and utilize them in a video game including countless other gamers.


LOCGame is an NFT task repackaged as a collectible trading card video game. Unlike lots of other collectible card video game start-ups that cloned popular Hearthstone gameplay, LegendsOfCrypto established its own special core gameplay based upon Triad Battle. The video game uses blockchain innovation to develop special, non-fungible possessions that admire the members of the crypto area. Gamers in the video game can win NFT products, while card owners are qualified for numerous benefits from reward swimming pools. The video game leverages DeFi and DAO governance and is powered by the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Rbl Labs won a grant for Polygon as their layer-2 will power the video game core, its DeFi economy, and its DAO governance design. It likewise makes cross-chain playability possible, allowing low deal expenses and high deal speeds and functioning as a bridge to the Ethereum blockchain. Utilized in tandem, both Ethereum and Polygon make sure the stability of the LOCGame environment.

The $LOCG Token: Powering the LOCGame Ecosystem

The $LOCG token is the native cryptocurrency that sits at the core of the LOCGame community. The token brings the platform and video game to life, serving as a governance system and permitting users to make benefits by playing the video game or staking.

Let’s take a more detailed seek to comprehend how the LOCGame token can be used:

  • Indirect benefits in play-to-earn mechanics
  • Payment system
  • Access to neighborhoods, discount rates, and benefits
  • Staking for benefits
  • DAO governance

The LOCGame environment consists of:

  • Native NFT market linked to third-parties on Polygon and ETH:
  • Collectible method card video game with free-to-play, play-to-earn GameFi functions
  • In-game benefit token that can be utilized to buy and update playing cards– stake to make $LOCG and other benefits
  • The $LOCG token
  • NFT collectible cards– the Genesis edition is completely devoted to crypto market popular characters
  • Upcoming video games complimentary to LOCGame
  • Charity and social obligation– 10%of NFT sales go to an excellent cause by means of Little Phil

The $LOCG token is readily available on the top cryptocurrency exchanges such as, HotBit, Uniswap, ZT, and KuCoin. It has a distributing supply of 50,209,206 $LOCG, with an overall supply of 148,053,144 $LOCG and an optimum supply of 150,000,000 $LOCG.

Why $LOCG Could Be a Good Buy

The $LOCG token programs fantastic prospective at the minute due to a number of factors operating in its favor.


Rbl Labs simply released the demonstration variation of the video game on Dec 16, 2021, where the neighborhood feedback is extremely favorable. The next Alpha 2.0 will be launched in early Q1 2022, where there will be a standard play-to-earn performance presenting a brand-new in-game token along with brand-new benefit energies for the $LOCG token. As the video game develops even more in 2022, the energy for $LOCG will be broadened, therefore increasing the need.

The present market cap stands at just around $5.5 million, in contrast with $200 million market caps for working video games such as Gods Unchained, Splinters, and other playable GameFi items. Generally, little caps are poised for big development once the item is released.

Additionally, with the assistance of significant blue-chip financiers (such as Signum Capital and NGC) and substantial designer collaborations with artists from brand names like Burberry and Prada, the $LOCG token is set to remove!

The market is presently experiencing a craze in the play-to-earn area, and LOCGame will be at the leading edge of this motion in 2022 with complete performance of the video game on the horizon.

With the launch of the platform arranged in December, gamers will require to purchase the $LOCG token prior to the video game’s launch so that they can buy NFT cards to play the video game. The $LOCG token can likewise serve as a payment system and gain access to discount rates, governance, and staking.


Therefore, $LOCG has enormous possible benefit for 2022 and beyond.

The Future of Play-to-Earn NFTs

LOCGame is redefining the blockchain video gaming area, bringing a number of brand-new functions backed by the platform’s innovative innovation. The LOCGame environment is created to provide its users an immersive experience that takes a brand-new spin on the energy of NFTs. On another note, LOCGame’s Genesis Edition NFT Sale happened on 4th of December, and with the launch of the video game practically upon us, there’s an astounding quantity of buzz around the video game.

Add to this mix words of recommendation from leviathans of the crypto area, Bitboy, Crypto Lark, Crypto Stach and Carl the Moon, LOCGame assures to turn the NFT video gaming area on its head. The $LOCG token has a lot going all out, set to skyrocket to brand-new heights.

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