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She’s got the most followed Twitter account with a.eth name



She’s got the most followed Twitter account with a.eth name

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As crypto goes mainstream, so do celebs detect crypto-cool qualities like profile image NFTs. A less observed, however non the less enjoyable race, is who’s the primary Twitter profile with a.eth name.

Laszlo Dobos · January 8, 2022 at 5: 00 am UTC · 2 minutes read

There’s barely a day in crypto without a celeb revealing a purchase of a Bored Ape or some comparable high-end profile photo NFT, typically to be bent in the Twitter profile of the stated star. Simply recently, popular rap artist Marshall Mathers, much better referred to as Eminem, bought Bored Ape Yacht Club #9055 for 123.45 ETH (approximately $453,00 0 at the time) and signed up with the ranks of non-fungible token (NFT) lovers as he purchased over the previous weekend.


The quantity of 123.45 is not a coincidence, it appears to be part of the video game to set the buying total up to even numbers, fortunate numbers, prime numbers, or something with 21 in it.

The OpenSea account that did the purchasing, entitled Shady_Holdings (a nod to Eminem’s hit tune The Real Slim Shady), was developed simply 3 days back– most likely for this precise function. Quickly after, Eminem altered his Twitter profile image to display his brand-new NFT bling.

ENS domain significantly popular

As the pattern amongst the abundant and popular for purchasing profile image images and digital art continues, another less acknowledged, and maybe less prominent and visual pattern, is coming near speed– purchasing ENS domain and revealing them off in Twitter profiles.

ENS, Ethereum Name Service, is a domain service that for all intents and functions works like DNS (Domain Name Service) domain– they map hard-to-remember strings or numbers like IP- or Ethereum addresses to human-readable names like or vitalik.eth. All ENS domain end with.eth.

To the surprise of couple of, there’s obviously a competitors for whose Twitter profile with a.eth name has the most fans.


Top.eth name does not make it into top 50

The top-level. eth name on Twitter is parishilton.eth belonging obviously to the American media character, socialite, businesswoman, design, vocalist, DJ, and starlet Paris Hilton. Number 2 on the list is American previous expert basketball gamer Shaquille O’Neal, owner of the ENS name shaq.eth. Third, on the list is American vocalist and star Trey Songz with the ENS name treysongz.eth.

However, not even Paris Hilton makes it into the top 50 of Twitter accounts with a lot of fans in basic, and the leading list for.eth names might alter rapidly if other stars detect the pattern of getting or developing ENS names on their own.

Though hopes might be low for the ex-president of the U.S. Barack Obama (No 1 Twitter account worldwide) to get on the ENS bandwagon, artists like Justin Bieber (No 2, 114 million fans), Katy Perry (No 3, 108 million fans) and Rihanna (No 4, 104 million fans) might include lower chances.

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